Sealing Your Driveway (and Other Fall Home Care Hacks)

Posted Aug 17, 2020 by Parkwood Admin

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    Seasonal maintenance check! Are you ready for fall?

    Autumn is right around the corner, and while we want you to soak up what’s left of summer, we also want to plant the seed about upcoming fall maintenance. First and foremost, let’s talk about the importance of sealing your newly poured driveway before the weather takes a turn for the chilly!

    sealing your driveway

    If your driveway was poured this summer, we recommend having it properly sealed (and every few years after that) before the snow falls to reduce the risk of freeze thaw damage. Sealing your driveway will also help protect your concrete from any road salts used around the city and on roadways.

    more fall maintenance hacks
    • Check your downspouts and eaves – Make a note to clear out your eaves to ensure leaves, dirt and debris don’t freeze up and clog the system when cold weather comes. It’s also a good idea to put up your downspouts before the temperature drops and place them down on warmer days to manage the melt. If you see run-off, watch for pooling around your home and adjust your downspout when needed.
    • Manage your air quality – Be sure to turn your humidifier on for fall, as a clean and utilized HRV with humidity levels at 25% – 35% will help improve airflow and combat moisture by balancing your home’s humidity and condensation. Check out our post all about maintaining your humidifier for more details! 
    • Clean out your filters – Summer fluff and bugs can clog your HRV filter, making it work harder. A dirty furnace filter can cause the unit to work overtime and affect the overall feel in the home. Keep your air fresh by cleaning out your humidifier, furnace and HRV filters.
    a little maintenance goes a long way

    From sealing your driveway and cleaning your filters to maintaining your eaves and downspouts, it only takes a few of these minor touch-ups to make sure your home is comfy, cozy and as efficient as can be just in time for fall.

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