Five Reasons to Buy a Quick Possession Home

Posted Jan 18, 2023 by Parkwood Admin

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    Devon Quick Possession

    If you are looking to buy a new home, but don’t have time to build from scratch, a quick possession home might be the perfect option to suit your situation. At Parkwood Master Builder, we build a number of homes to spec in each community to make sure homebuyers working within a specific time frame are still able to enjoy the benefits of buying a brand-new build.    

    Quick Possessions vs. Building from Scratch

    To understand the beauty of a quick possession home, let’s explain what we mean when we talk about building a home to spec. At Parkwood, we have a full suite of home models that have been purposefully designed to suit each homebuyer’s lifestyle requirements. Many of our models include multiple layout options, so to show off the versatility of our floor plans, we like to build these homes in our communities so homebuyers can see how various layout options look in real life rather than on a blueprint. 

    What Sets Quick Possessions Apart 

    Quick possession homes are built with the same high-quality materials and finishes we select for personalized builds, with the difference being that we make the selections rather than the homebuyer. That said, depending on your timeline and what stage of construction it is at, there can still be room for personalization. 

    So, how do you know if a quick possession home is right for you? Here are five factors to consider when deciding whether to buy a quick possession home or build a home from the ground up.

    1.   You get to settle into your new home sooner. 

    Our quick possession homes can be purchased at any stage of construction, so whether you are looking for a finished, move-in ready home or have some time to spare, you will get the keys to your new Parkwood home faster than if you were to build from scratch. 

    1.   You can still personalize your home if time allows.

    If your perfect Parkwood home is still under construction, and you have time to wait, there is still room for personalization depending on which stage of construction the house is at. While you may not be able to make structural changes, you may be able to make some interior selections that reflect your personal style. 

    1.   You will reap the rewards of a brand-new build without the wait.

    Choosing a quick possession home gives you the best of both worlds: you get to enjoy the excitement of moving into a brand-new house rather than a pre-owned home while taking advantage of the opportunity to move in within a few weeks rather than waiting months and months for the build to finish. 

    1.   You eliminate the unknowns when it comes to preparing for your move.   

    One of the reasons why many of our homeowners chose to buy a quick possession home is because it makes for a seamless transition come move-in time. Building a new home from start to finish is a fantastic process to be part of, but if you are short on time and require a firm move-in date off the hop, a quick possession home is a great option. Plus, rather than waiting for the sellers to move out of a pre-owned home, your quick possession home is yours as soon as it’s ready.  

    1.   You can have peace of mind knowing we put our best price forward.

    At Parkwood Master Builder, we are putting our best price forward so you can find your perfect home within a budget that suits your needs. Our quick possession homes offer a faster way for you to start your next chapter in a brand-new build at a competitive price point. Stop by one of our Parkwood showhomes and ask an Area Sales Manager about how we are putting our best price forward to start your new year off right. 

    Quick Possession Homes at Parkwood Master Builder

    Ready to find your dream home without waiting for a new build? Get in touch with us to learn more about our available quick possession homes across Edmonton and St. Albert! Whether you are looking for a move-in ready home, or have some time to spare, our quick possessions are at various stages of construction to suit your timeline. 

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