5 Tasks to Take On Before Moving Day

Posted Sep 20, 2021 by Parkwood Admin

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Moving Checklist

With all of the excitement that comes with buying a new home, some small–yet very important–tasks can end up falling between the cracks throughout the process! When you purchase a Parkwood home, we provide you with an essential Moving Checklist to ensure you have everything you need to prepare for the big day. Here are five pre-possession tasks that will help set you up for a seamless transition!

5 tasks to take on before moving day  
  1. Send a Change of Address to every person and organization that requires your contact information, including:
    • Banks
    • Insurance Providers 
    • Doctors Offices (family doctor, dentist, optometrist, etc.) 
    • Post Office 
    • Charge Accounts 
    • Subscriptions 
    • Friends and Family

2. Set up your utilities:

    • Heat/Gas
    • Water
    • Electricity 
    • Cable and Internet

3. Get your moving day preparations in order once you have your possession date:

    •  Make arrangements with your moving company of choice
    • Purchase cardboard moving boxes or rent re-usable boxes from our friends at Reboxible 
    • Collect items for cleaning, storage and repair 
    • Book cleaning services if necessary 
    • Arrange to have your pets in daycare or recruit a friend to pet-sit on moving day 
    • Leave keys and necessary papers with your realtor 

4. Obtain records: 

    • Children’s school records 
    • Refill your drug prescriptions 

5. Cancel deliveries: 

    • Newspaper 
    • Magazines 
    • Other monthly by-mail subscriptions

A lot of planning and preparation goes into moving, and while it can feel daunting, we hope this checklist is a helpful tool for your next move!  

Please note that if you are moving into a Parkwood home, we strongly advise you to wait until we send you your confirmed possession date before you book movers, cancel utilities, etc. to ensure there are no gaps in essential services! 


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