Winter Tips for Your Home This Season

Posted Dec 19, 2019 by Parkwood Admin

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    As the winter season is now upon us, here are a few reminders for your home’s seasonal maintenance:

    De-Icing Pathways & Exterior Vents

    Ensure your driveway and walkways are safe by sprinkling some traction sand or kitty litter on any ice spots.This provides great traction to avoid any slips, and is safe to use on your newly poured concrete – win, win! Do not use salt or chemical-based ice melts, as this will cause surface damage and void your concrete warranty.

    Also check exterior vents for ice build-up and gently kick any off to keep them clear and open.


    GFI Plugs

    Ground-fault Circuit Interrupters, GFIs, are located in electrical plugs that you will find in your kitchen, bathrooms and outdoors. These plugs are designed to cut power off if wet, preventing any electrical incidents. For more details and tips on how you can test and reset a GFI plug, please check out this helpful maintenance tip video.

    No matter what type of outlet, with the addition of lights and electronics this time of year, be mindful and ensure you don’t overload the circuits.

    Home insurance review

    Now is also a great time to review your Home Insurance Policy to see what winter hazards you may or may not be covered for.

    Direct damage to your property is usually covered without hesitation, but when it comes to snow and ice build-up or freezing pipes, it may be your responsibility as the homeowner to ensure these items are maintained.


    Helpful Humidity & Air Flow

    Ensure your humidifier is turned back to the ‘on’ position and at a setting of 25% – 35% to balance your home’s humidity and condensation through proper airflow and decreased moisture. Keeping doors open and ensuring no furniture is on top of your vents will also help.

    Condensation on windows is quite normal, and in a deep freeze this can still occur when following all proper procedures.

    Shoveling assistance

    Needing some help when it comes to keeping up with the snow shoveling and removal?

    Our trade partner Gradex Consulting Ltd. offers convenient snow removal services throughout the entire winter season. Visit their website and connect with them now to start planning your snow removal schedule if needed.


    emergency contacts

    Did you know? An emergency list of your home’s mechanical service providers can be found in your mechanical room. Should an emergency issue arise over the winter months or holiday season regarding no heat, no water, or no electricity, just locate the needed phone number on the stickers on your furnace, hot water tank, or electrical panel.

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