Why Buy New?

Posted Aug 7, 2019 by Parkwood Admin

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    Newport II Glenridding Ravines Kitchen Dining

    Are you tired of your current home or living situation? Are you ready to start shopping and look for a new home?
    If you are ready to make the move, consider the advantages of a brand new home.

    There are probably many reasons why you are looking to move and a variety of items you would like to change in your current home. Purchasing a brand new home can alleviate many of these home stresses:

    Style Update:

    Does your home have linoleum flooring? Did you try out the sponge painting techniques of the 90s? Or maybe your kitchen has a tiled countertop? Over the years, the styles and materials used in interior design have changed and a full home renovation can be quit costly and timely, plus no one wants to live in a construction zone. Building a brand new home allows you the opportunity to personalize it to your own style and taste using the most modern finishings, not to mention having the choice of a floorplan layout that works best for you and your family.


    Wasting money and energy in a home with an old furnace, hot water tank or windows? Are your shingles or siding in need of repair? Replacing these big-ticket items can lead you down a path of additional complications and issues. Today’s homes are built with high efficiency mechanical units, superior insulation, triple-paned windows, asphalt shingles with a limited lifetime warranty and more – saving you money as well as being more environmentally friendly.


    Are you home’s appliances dated? Does it lack security and programmable features? New homes can be adapted easily and effectively with smart home features, such as our standard EcoBee thermostat or if you so choose, built-in speakers, security and camera systems, smart appliances and more!

    New Space:

    Have you and your family outgrown your current home? Maybe you are looking to downsize? Building a brand new home that is customized to your lifestyle allows the opportunity for everyone in the family to have what they need. With our selection and variety of floorplans – there is something for everyone. Or you can modify one our existing plans – the possibilities are endless.

    Whatever your reason to make a move, at Parkwood we have over 30 year of home building knowledge and experience. When you are ready to discuss your wishes and wants for your new home, we’d love to chat. We look forward to bringing your dream home to life!

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