The Art of Working from Home

Posted Mar 17, 2020 by Parkwood Admin

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    Working from home sounds like the ultimate dream for many of us, and there is no shortage of independent business owners that have mastered the art, but the reality is that it can be tough to get into the swing of things if you’re not used to it.

    If you’re new to working from home, you will quickly realize how much easier it is to get in the zone when you actually have to get into your car and drive to your workplace. Motivation doesn’t always come that easily when your desk is just a few steps from your cozy bed (or that comfy couch). 

    Here are five ways to work from home effectively!

    1. Establish a Morning Routine

    Try your best to mimic your regular working hours by starting your day with the tasks you typically tackle before clocking in, even if you’re not actually leaving the house. Whether it’s brewing a cup of coffee, going for a run, taking a shower or simply swapping your sweatpants for dress slacks, pick your motivator(s) and stick to them as best you can to create a sense of normalcy. Trust us, your mind (and body) will thank you for getting into a solid groove. 


    1. Set Boundaries to Minimize Distractions

    If you have kids at home, they will likely be super excited to have you around, but they will also need to understand that you are still “at work”. Try your best to let anyone staying in your home know that anything they need will have to wait until your break, lunch hour or when the workday is done (within reason, of course).


    1. Give Yourself a Break

    Adjusting to home office life will be tricky, so go easy on yourself. Your mental health is extremely important and giving yourself a break is key to avoiding burnout. Schedule breaks that reflect your company’s usual break policy, but also make sure you are walking away from your computer screen and phone to give your mind a moment to reset. This might include going for a quick, 15-minute walk, crushing a short home workout video, or making a snack since you’ll have the convenience of your own kitchen to cook in!


    1. Create a Designated Work Station

    If you don’t have a desk at home, try to get creative and set up a temporary work station somewhere in your home where you’ll have enough space to get stuff done. Perhaps this means sectioning off a portion of your dinner table, or setting up shop at a kitchen island, or even turning your coffee table into a work desk. Do what you can with what you have to create the most efficient work environment possible.


    1. Appreciate the Perks

    While the circumstances of your working-from-home stint might not be ideal, this is still a great opportunity for you to take advantage of working from the comfort of your own sanctuary! If you have family or roommates, this is the perfect time to enjoy their company more than usual. If you are always on the go, this could be the catalyst for you to kick-start that meal-prepping habit you’ve been meaning to pick up. Either way, make the most of your time at home while doing your best to be productive and stay connected with your colleagues.

    Here at Parkwood, we are rooting for you every step of the way! And while you are enjoying this time at home, we encourage you to check out our latest home models and quick possessions – perhaps our virtual tours and versatile layouts will inspire you to make that functional home office a reality!

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