New Year, Same Deep Freeze

Posted Jan 6, 2022 by Parkwood Admin

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    Happy New Year, homeowners! Now that we’re back in the swing of things, it’s time to make sure your Parkwood home is still winter-ready! Here are our tried-and-true maintenance tips to keep your home happy and warm this season:

    Manage the moisture in your home

    Keep the air flowing properly at home in the winter by keeping interior doors open, ensuring your vents aren’t blocked, and turning your humidifier down but not off. It’s important that your humidifier is turned on, but not too high! Keeping your humidity levels at 25% – 35% will help improve airflow and combat moisture by balancing your home’s humidity and condensation. 

    If you have an HRV, try turning the fan speed up to “5” and putting it on the 20-minute/40-minute setting. This should create constant air movement to help combat condensation while creating more even heat distribution throughout your home.

    Keep your exterior vents clean and clear of ice

    Just like turning your humidifier down will reduce moister build-up, so too will giving your exterior vents a good clean-up. Clearing out your vents will also help prevent your furnace and hot water tank from shutting down when you need them most. If you find that your furnace isn’t performing as it should, be sure to check your external furnace vents for freezing!
    Furnace Heating
    If they look like this photo above, simply clear off the ice and its function should improve. Check out this handy how-to video from our friends at Weiss-Johnson if you’re not sure how to do so!

    Review your home insurance policy

    Now is the perfect time to review your home insurance policy to see what type of winter hazards you may or may not be covered for.  Direct damage to your property is usually covered without hesitation, but when it comes to snow and ice build-up or freezing pipes, it may be your responsibility as the homeowner to ensure these items are maintained.

    Open your garage door fully when warming up your vehicle

    It’s very important to make sure your overhead door is open all the way if you are warming up your vehicle in the garage for your safety and to prevent your sensors from freezing over. You should also keep an eye on your Ground-fault Circuit Interrupters (GFI plugs) to make sure your circuits aren’t overwhelmed. Here’s how to reset your GFI plugs!


    When in doubt, call your emergency contacts

    An emergency list of your home’s mechanical service providers can be found in your mechanical room. Should an emergency issue arise during the deep freeze regarding no heat, no water, or no electricity, look for the phone numbers on your furnace, hot water tank, or electrical panel stickers.

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