Seasonal & Home Maintenance Tips

Posted May 10, 2019 by Parkwood Admin

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    Seasonal Work

    Seasonal work such as concrete, pre and rough grade, along with parging begins mid-June through to mid-October. Frost levels in the ground, sound conditions, and weather in general are factors in when the season begins and in completing the work in need of.

    Crews will be checking frost levels often, as well as reviewing the houses that will be receiving this work.

    Note: each day of rain = 3 days of dry time needed. Our crews will judge accordingly when we have rainy days as to when they can continue their duties in each neighborhood.


    Once pouring has begun, you will be notified as to when to expect your driveway and/or sidewalk in order to move your vehicles and any other items out of the way of obstruction. This will be done by the concrete contractors themselves.

    Once the concrete is poured, please do not walk on for a minimum of 48hrs OR park/drive on for a minimum of 28 days in order for proper curing to occur.



    The grading crews have asked for you to be proactive and remove items from the front/side/back yards that might obstruct the lot staking, grading, and approvals from the city.

    We strive to make these actions to your home as seamless as possible, but do understand that weather is a very large factor to completion. Thank you for working along with us this season in completing all seasonal items for your home!

    Spring Maintenance


    Please make sure water is draining away from the home and not pooling next to it. Areas to review regarding spring run-off are your sidewalks, walkways, and ground area next to the home

    Downspouts that have been put up over the winter can also be dropped down to drain the water run-off away from your home.


    Sump Pump

    With spring and summer rainstorms soon upon us, right now is the time to check the working order of your sump pump. Start by unplugging both plugs on the outlet by your pump, then only plug in the one for the pump. Your pump should turn on immediately, then remember to reconnect the other plug. If you have an issues. Also, unscrew the sump lid and check inside to see that the float is not tangled.


    It’s a great time to check the filters of your furnace, HRV and humidifier. Do they need a good clean? Do they need replacing?

    Check each to make sure they are in the best shape for our up and coming season. Clean filters will assist with your mechanical units working at their best, as well as the airflow and circulation in your home.


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