Halloween Home Safety Tips

Posted Oct 24, 2018 by Parkwood Admin

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    halloween home safety tips

    With only a few days left until the spookiest day of the year,
    it’s time to start preparing and decorating your home for all of the
    trick-or-treaters coming your way.

    At Parkwood, we’ve compiled our top tips for getting your home ready and safe for an evening of little visitors:

    • Turn on Your Lights – Front Step and Garage: not only does this indicate that you are participating in trick-or-treating, a lit home will help little masked visitors navigate their way. Be sure to also review ahead of time that all light bulbs are working and replace any that may be burnt out.
    • Keep a Clear Path: ensure sidewalks are free of debris and leaves, along with decorations, outdoor tools, hoses, potted plants, bikes and toys.
    • Decorate Your Home: a jack-o-lantern lit with battery operated candles, fun spider webs or ghosts, and additional holiday themed lights in the yard add whimsy to your home and encourages the kids to stop by.
    • Pets and Halloween: keep pets inside and away from the front door as some trick-or-treaters may be afraid or allergic to animals. Also note that dogs and chocolate do not mix – ensure your candy is stored high up out of Fido’s reach.
    • Out for the Night: if you are not going to be home for the festive evening, ensure your home is locked and secure.

    Wishing you a safe and boo-tiful Halloween! For more information on homeowner tips and maintenance visit our News & Events.

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