Deep Freeze at Ease – Home Maintenance Tips

Posted Feb 15, 2019 by Parkwood Admin

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    With the deep freeze now on and the warm up to hopefully arrive soon, please review the following few reminders for your home maintenance:

    Condensation & Air Flow

    Aid in condensation build up on your windows/doors and ensure proper air flow throughout your home with these simple steps:

    • HRV Fan: Utilize your HRV fan on a regular basis to ensure air is being circulated in your home.
    • Hoodfan: Be sure to run your kitchen hoodfan when cooking and even moments throughout the day if needed.
    • Window Coverings: Ensure blinds and window coverings are up or open during the day to allow for sunlight to shine in.
    • Vents & Doors: Keep all floor vents and doors open to allow complete air circulation in your home. Also be sure that no furniture or items are placed over top of a floor vent in rooms or closets.

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    rooftop snow removal
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    The Big Thaw

    As the seasons change and the ice & snow melts away, there are a few items to keep in mind:

    • Drainage: Please make sure water is draining away from the home and not pooling next to it. Areas to review regarding run-off are your sidewalks, walkways, and ground area next to the home.
    • Rooftop Snow: Be mindful of snow melting and dripping off your roof. To assist with the flow of this melt, downspouts that have been put up over the winter can also be dropped down to drain the water run-off away from your home.
    • Freeze-Thaw: Since we are not quite through the winter just yet, please note that some of the run-off may freeze following a thaw; ensure your driveway and walkways are safe by sprinkling traction sand on any ice.
    • Garage Floor: Review inside your garage for any water build-up and shovel or squidgy out any moisture when able to do so.

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