Comfy and Cool Homes for the Summer – A/C Maintenance

Posted May 27, 2019 by Parkwood Admin

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    Air Conditioning Maintenance:
    For any home with a central air conditioner you will want to ensure it is functioning at its best to help keep your home at its most comfortable temperature.

    Follow these great tips from our friends at Weiss-Johnson, locally owned heating, cooling and home comfort specialists, to optimize your air conditioner’s performance: 

    1. Furnace Filter – as cool air is circulated through your home using the blower in your furnace, it is extremely important that you have a clean furnace filter. If it is clogged and restricts air flow the clogged filter could cause your AC unit to work very poorly…if at all.
    1. Outside Condenser – it is important that the outdoor unit is free from leaves, poplar lint and other blockages. If you have an issues, turn off the power at the breaker and then quickly hose it down or blow out the debris with compressed air.
    1. Electrical Breaker – double check to make sure your breaker for the air conditioner at the electrical panel is in the on position.

    2. Floor Registers – ensure that all of your floor vents are open. Closing one or two to create a funnel effect to get more cool air in a specific room creates an imbalance and can impact cooling efficiency.
    3. Thermostat – check your thermostat to make sure you have it set to COOL or AUTO.


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    Wishing everyone a safe, happy and comfortable summer!

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